Hello everyone! I have read many blogs about home decorating, such as Dreamy Whites, CityCottage, and Canadian Cottage (they are all fantastic!) and have begun to decorate my own home. As my title suggests I love all things rustic and most things white. I will be sharing my trials and tribulations of decorating in a home with 1 husband, 4 teenage sons, 2 male dogs and 1 male cat. I am trying desperately to decorate my home with a feminine touch. Please take a look at my photos as my husband and I start by decorating our livingroom. Hope you enjoy our decorating journey:o) Pleae feel free to email me at rusticandwhite@bell.net

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My decorating adventure began when I found a few blogs that I loved to read. Of course they were all about decorating in the beachy, cottage, vintage, rusticy way that I love. One day my husband surprised me by saying that I could decorate the living room anyway I wished and he gave me a budget to stick with. That was 5 months ago!!! On one blog I saw that someone had put up board and batten on their walls. I loved it and so it began. We put up the board and batten...not an easy job but I had fun doing it with my hubby. My son gave the whole room a coat of primer and then my job really began...how to choose a colour? YIKES!

As you can tell from the pics...not an easy job for me.

You can also see in this picture a bit of the board and batten we put up.

Here are a few other pictures as we painted the board and batten BM cloud white and the upper wall Valspar (Lowes) Gelato (but I got it from BM who copied the colour since my husband loves BM).

Of course we did this on the hottest weekend of the summer:o( My poor hubby was dripping in sweat.
Hope this has given you a little taste of what we have been doing. More pics another day.
Bye for now...


  1. hi there
    Love your blog! Just wanted to pop by and let you know that I gave you the Sunshine award today over on my blog! It's fun!

  2. It's looking great so far! I too am trying to decide on paint colors for my home. It will still be a while till the paint goes on the walls since the entire house is in the beginning stages of renovations but I want to have my colors picked out to help me with other decisions like counter tops and flooring and so on and so forth. Paint colors are so hard to decide on!


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