Hello everyone! I have read many blogs about home decorating, such as Dreamy Whites, CityCottage, and Canadian Cottage (they are all fantastic!) and have begun to decorate my own home. As my title suggests I love all things rustic and most things white. I will be sharing my trials and tribulations of decorating in a home with 1 husband, 4 teenage sons, 2 male dogs and 1 male cat. I am trying desperately to decorate my home with a feminine touch. Please take a look at my photos as my husband and I start by decorating our livingroom. Hope you enjoy our decorating journey:o) Pleae feel free to email me at rusticandwhite@bell.net

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ever so slowly things take shape...

Well, our living room is coming right along. The painting has been finished!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband who gave up his weekend to help me. I am so new at this whole decorating thing...but the more I do the more I learn.

This picture is taken facing the computer room...through the french doors...

Once the walls were dry we could begin to put back some of the furniture that I wanted returned to the room.

We had been to a wonderful garage sale...we go every Saturday morning...and had come across some lovely pieces of furniture...

This desk has a lovely blue colour to it that has been worn away and the patina is just so rustic! Take a look at the inside of the desk. It is quite unique the way they built it.

There are three compartments inside.

It appears that an old box has been broken up and used to make the compartments. So cool...I love it!! The first picture is of the desk as you would see it when opening it. The second picture is actually upside down to let you see the writing clearly.

The little desk looks quite nice in my light and bright new room.

We bought this little pitcher as well...not old but I loved the colour...so soft...it will look great with some hydrangea's in it maybe on the little washstand that I am painting:o)

Here is a VERY rustic wall decoration or maybe it is a plant holder... I don't really care what it is because it is so fantastic!!

It has beautiful rust all over it:o)

I am going to take a brush to it and clean it up and then dry-brush some white(?) paint on it before I hang it up.

I haven't quite decided what colour yet...perhaps a greeny blue first then white over top to give it some depth...but I love this one too. We got it for $2.00...what a steal!!

Soon I will be able to post some new pictures with the room almost completed...just need to take the photos. Hope everyone is keeping their cool in these humid conditions:o) Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Nice blog!! I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love to see you there!

  2. Oh I'm loving that little desk! Very nice! I am crazy about hunting for old treasures. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! If you hadn't I might not have found your blog. I'm bookmarking you right now :)

  3. Carrie, I like that desk and the pitcher. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Texas has crazy weather. It may be in the 80's for a week or 2 but can change any time. judy


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