Hello everyone! I have read many blogs about home decorating, such as Dreamy Whites, CityCottage, and Canadian Cottage (they are all fantastic!) and have begun to decorate my own home. As my title suggests I love all things rustic and most things white. I will be sharing my trials and tribulations of decorating in a home with 1 husband, 4 teenage sons, 2 male dogs and 1 male cat. I am trying desperately to decorate my home with a feminine touch. Please take a look at my photos as my husband and I start by decorating our livingroom. Hope you enjoy our decorating journey:o) Pleae feel free to email me at rusticandwhite@bell.net

Friday, January 7, 2011

It has been soooo long...

Well, I have not entered anything for quite some time. So sorry about that. I have been very busy with a new position that for the last four months took most of my time and all of my energy. My family has been awesome with helping around the house, especially my wonderful husband!

Now that I feel like my head if well above water I plan on posting pictures of my living room that is finally complete...that is almost...I just have one more piece of furniture to paint and distress it...it is a little sofa table that my husband and I found at a flea market last fall. It was only 5 dollars. Gosh I love getting a good deal.

Looking forward to sharing my photos with you very soon. Also, a quick thank you to all you wonderful bloggers who continue to inspire me.


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